Do you need to manage calls for projects with associated grant management ? Simplify your work with the eMundus platform.

Your needs : Embassies

To better respond to your requests, we have analyzed your needs.

Collect a lot of applications with the platform
Collect more applications for your calls for projects

Collect projects

The flexibility of the platform allows you to fully integrate the application form into your site in order to easily receive more applications.

Select the best projects

You will see more clearly throughout the list of candidate files using the platform's filters. In this way, simply select the best projects.

Determine the best projects
Select the best candidates for your calls for projects
Evaluate your performance with the eMundus dashboard
Measure your performance with statistics

Obtain statistics

Evaluate the success of application campaigns by analyzing statistics. Our team will set you the indicators you need.

Our solutions for Embassies

eMundus Calls for project Solution
Project call management platform

Calls for projects

Manage your calls for projects from start with the eMundus platform. Collect all your candidates' files and select the best projects. Customize your application form according to your needs.

eMundus Scholarship Allocation Solution
Scholarship allocation management platform

Allocation of sholarships

Automatically check the documents to be attached to the files when applying. In this way, become more efficient in processing all complete and admissible files.

eMundus Grant Allocation Solution
Grant allocation management platform

Allocation of grants

Inform your candidates about the available grants and how to obtain them. Check the required documents easily for the next steps to be completed.

eMundus Student Internship Solution
Project call management platform

Student internships

Make offers for internships available to your students. An effective way to develop their professional experience.

eMundus International Mobility Solution
International Mobility Management Platform

International mobility

Manage your international programs to promote exchanges between countries. With the eMundus platform, you will be able to collect and manage applications that can come from all over the world.

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