The eMundus solution allows you to manage your student applications for training programs from start to finish.

Main benefits of the solution : Bachelor-Master-Doctorate

The eMundus platform allows you to manage student applications at several levels of education.

Be faster thanks to the eMundus platform
Saving time

Save valuable time

Save time by avoiding all the repetitive tasks that are automated on the eMundus solution. All complete student files are gathered in one digital place.

Work in a team

Thanks to the platform, you can encourage teamwork. By setting up access to it, all members required to evaluate and decide on the selection of student candidates can contribute.

Improve productivity through teamwork
Work in a team
The eMundus platform is easy to use
Easy to use platform

Easy to use

The eMundus solution does not require any specific skills. A little training is all it takes to get you started with the tool. We have designed it to meet your expectations.

Useful features : Bachelor-Master-Doctorate


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